Why You Need a Personal Vision Statement

personal vision statement

As I prepare for my second Atticus practice growth event in Orlando next month, one of the things they have asked us to do is to create a Personal Vision Statement. The purpose of a personal vision statement is to help you to: 1) Outline what it is in life that you value; and, 2) Design a plan to ensure that your life includes those things. In one of the most influential books of all time, Think and Grow Rich […]

5 Steps to Take to Fix a Breakdown in Your Law Firm Systems

law firm systems breakdown

I’ve talked a lot about systems and checklists on this blog. But what do you do when there is a breakdown in your law firm systems? The first thing you need to do if there is a perceived breakdown in your systems is to ask yourself what the real problem is. Here are some possible answers: Your systems did not clearly explain what needed to be done You did not provide an adequate deadline for completion of the project You […]

Why You Need to Use Checklists in Your Law Practice

law firm checklists

Many lawyers think that building a great law firm (and becoming a great lawyer) is all about marketing. They focus so much of their time on the marketing of their firm and new client development that they lose sight of what it really takes to build a successful law practice. The Old Way of Doing Things Let me know if this sounds familiar to you. You know a lawyer who is older and has been practicing a long time. They […]

My #1 Single Greatest Legal Marketing Tip…

legal marketing tip

Today I want to share with you my #1 single greatest legal marketing tip. But before we get to that, I want to let you know that this legal marketing tip will work for any lawyer or firm. And if you fail to follow this advice, your firm is destined for failure. It doesn’t matter what stage of law firm development you are in… You could be a solo who is just starting out and in need of your first […]

Want to be More Productive? Get off Your Phone and Stop Checking Your Email!

stop checking email

One of the things I’ve noticed (and one of the reasons I was compelled to start blogging about legal marketing again) was the sheer volume of people that have opted into my email list in the past several years since I last posted on Legal Marketing Made Easy. So yesterday, I decided to send out a blast email to let people know that I planned to start re-engaging through email. (Not on my email list? Click here to subscribe to […]

5 Systems You Need For Your Law Practice

law firm time management

The other day I spent a great deal of time talking about the importance of systems in your law practice. That sounds all well and good you say, but “what systems do I need?” Fair question. In my opinion, everything you need to accomplish can be broken down into one of 5 general systems that you need for your law practice. Ready? Here they are: Time Management Marketing/Client Development Staffing Fulfillment Cash Flow I’ve researched systems a great deal during […]