Why Systems are So Important To Your Law Practice

law firm systems

My Wife and I are currently under contract to buy a house and we close later this month. Earlier this week I had to drop off a due diligence check to the realtor. It was close to closing time at the realtor’s office and the front desk person was new. As I was standing at the front desk waiting for them to give me a receipt and copy of the check, I noticed that the girl at the front desk […]

What Should You Expect from Be A Great Lawyer?

be a great lawyer

So here we go again… Bryan Marble from Amazelaw (this is an affiliate link, fyi) must love me. It’s been exactly 656 days since I last posted a podcast episode as a legitimate blog post on Legal Marketing Made Easy. (That’s May 15, 2016 if you are trying to do the math in your head). And for Bryan Marble, that means that his mugshot and episode have been plastered at the top of Legal Marketing Made Easy for some free advertising […]

What Does it Mean to “Be A Great Lawyer?”

It’s funny and ironic to me that many lawyers will come to this site with the misguided belief that I will teach them how to become a better lawyer. This is true, but also very false at the same time. Here’s the thing, according to Atticus (of which I am a proud student), 80-85% of lawyers find themselves in the “great lawyer mindset”. In other words, their main focus and strategy is to “be a great lawyer”. By being a […]

About Be A Great Lawyer

Do you ever wish you could get out of the rat race and start to enjoy the practice of law again? Would your firm shut down if you weren’t there to run it? Do you find yourself working long hours, including weekends and holidays? Are you stressed to the point of having a nervous breakdown? That’s why we build this site. Our goal with Be a Great Lawyer is to help you learn how to work smarter and not harder and to start […]