My #1 Single Greatest Legal Marketing Tip…

legal marketing tipToday I want to share with you my #1 single greatest legal marketing tip. But before we get to that, I want to let you know that this legal marketing tip will work for any lawyer or firm. And if you fail to follow this advice, your firm is destined for failure.

It doesn’t matter what stage of law firm development you are in…

  • You could be a solo who is just starting out and in need of your first clients,
  • Perhaps you have been in practice for a few years but your revenue has plateaued,
  • Or maybe your firm is more established and you are looking for a way to take more time off?

Regardless of where you are right now in the life-cycle of your firm, this is a tip – no a piece of advice – that you absolutely, positively, must follow.

Ready for it?

The Best Legal Marketing Advice You Will Ever Receive

Here it is.




Stop marketing.

Did you catch that?

Never, ever, ever stop marketing.

It’s fairly simple advice, but so many lawyers fail to follow it and that is why their firms hit a wall and stop growing.

This is why solo lawyers go out of business in their first year.

This is why seemingly successful lawyers can never take any time off.

All three of these lawyers have one thing in common.

They all stopped marketing.

Story Time…

Let me tell you a quick story about when I was a young lawyer. I’d been out on my own for a couple months and I had started to get some clients in the door.

Up to that point, I had done everything right.

I was meeting with more experienced lawyers and referral sources for coffees and lunches.

I hired a marketing coach to teach me what I needed to do.

I was reading a gazillion books about marketing and business development.

But then one day, the calls stopped, and pretty soon I didn’t have any clients left.

So I got on my monthly call with my marketing coach and told her what had happened. She asked me how many marketing contacts I had had in the past month.

Well… not many.

She told me, and this will stick with me forever, that the reason my business stalled out was that I had stopped marketing. She also said that it would take me 3-4 months to get back to where I was, but I needed to get out there and start marketing immediately.

Ugh. Not what I wanted to hear.

So that is what I did. I got back out there and started meeting people, telling them what I did, and started marketing my firm again.

And soon enough, the business came back and things were fine.

Lucky for me I had a marketing coach to tell me what I needed to hear at that exact moment.

What If This Happened to You?

But many lawyers don’t have a marketing coach. Many are flying blind.

When business stalls out, they aren’t sure what to do or who to turn to.

This is where many solos start to look for firm jobs.

But what if you have a legal assistant or several staff people? You can’t just shut down and call it quits, can you?

Of course not.

And worse yet, if you have a large firm with associates and staff and maybe even partners, what do you do if the calls stop all of a sudden?

The answer is simple – you have to start marketing again.

Repeat after me…

“Never, ever, ever stop marketing.”

To grow your firm and take your law practice to the next level, you need clients and revenue. And to get clients and revenue you need to be marketing your law firm on a daily basis.

So stop reading this blog and go call a couple referral sources to set up lunch.

Just do it. Don’t stop, don’t hesitate, just get on the phone and make the calls.

You will thank me later.

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