What Does it Mean to “Be A Great Lawyer?”

It’s funny and ironic to me that many lawyers will come to this site with the misguided belief that I will teach them how to become a better lawyer.

This is true, but also very false at the same time.

Here’s the thing, according to Atticus (of which I am a proud student), 80-85% of lawyers find themselves in the “great lawyer mindset”. In other words, their main focus and strategy is to “be a great lawyer”.

By being a great lawyer, they believe that they will get more clients, make more money, and lead a happier life.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.

What “Be a Great Lawyer” is NOT

In my opinion, and the reason I changed the name of this site from “Legal Marketing Made Easy” to “Be A Great Lawyer” is that being a great lawyer is not about YOU. It’s about the results you can provide to your client’s and the team that you surround yourself with.

Being a great lawyer does NOT mean that you are the hero of your firm who is ready to swoop in and fix everything whenever there is a problem. This is NOT the way to grow and build a practice.

Unfortunately, there are many “dinosaur lawyers” who still believe that the best way to build and grow your practice is to be a better lawyer than everyone in your market. What these lawyers fail to understand and figure out is that your client’s have no way of measuring who is actually the best lawyer.

They can’t distinguish between you and your competition. They don’t know that you are the best trial lawyer in town or the draft the best estate plans.

You see, “best” is completely subjective and can’t be measured.

But the marketing message you send out can help to educate that guide those prospective clients to the result they seek, with your firm.

So here are is what a great lawyer does not do:

  • A great lawyer does not have stagnant or falling income
  • A great lawyer does not work long hours, including weekends, with little time off
  • A great lawyer does not have endless days of high-stress work
  • A great lawyer does not lead themselves open to market forces
  • A great lawyer does not let their law practice “own” them

If you find yourself pushing back on some of the things I’ve written in this post, that’s a good thing.

It means you realize that you have created a job that you are getting sick of and are looking for change.

How I Define a Successful Law Practice

Here is what it means to “be a great lawyer” and build a truly successful law practice:

  1. You have more personal freedom, work fewer hours, and take more vacation
  2. You achieve revenue growth year after year, with a corresponding increase in profits
  3. You have great clients that you enjoy working with
  4. You have surrounded yourself with an amazing team that is dependable and whom you can rely on
  5. Any outsider that looks at your law practice can see that you are truly successful

Very few law practices ever truly become great by the definition I’ve provided here. Maybe 10-15% of lawyers will ever truly achieve this level of success.

And I’ll be honest, right now in my career, I’m not there either. I’m still chipping away and trying to get out of the “me-centered” law practice.

But I have a plan and a strategy to develop a successful law practice and achieve a successful law practice as I’ve defined here in this post.

And that’s what this website is all about.

I want to take you on my journey to build a truly successful law practice and become a great lawyer in the process.

Want to learn more?

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